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Holiday Shmoliday

Greetings from Application Testing Hell, where yours truly is carrying out the role he has been allotted by his Survey of Software Engineering team, namely breaking our application through scripted user actions (i.e., black-box testing). Just set a test script in motion, took a nap, and had a really funky dream where two teams were playing "covered wagon football" in a field. It was like normal football, except three players on each side were in, well, a covered wagon. The game kinda looked like something out of Ben Hur.

ANYWAY, I just heard this really sappy commercial for the Texas Lottery on the radio wherein a way-too-chipper chorus way-too-cheerily sings the song "We Are Holiday Elves". That's when it hit me: I tend to recoil from anti-secular pro-Christmas crusaders, but maybe there's some merit to their position? There's a lot to be said for disentangling all of the non-Christmas Winter Holidays from the syrupy sappiness that begins on Black Friday and ends when the Valentine's Day displays go up. Hell, let the gentiles have the tasteless displays and the tacky music!

Oh, and Holiday Elves, please be on notice: We're in Texas, and if I catch you anywhere near my menorah, I do have the right to blow you into the Holiday Elf Hereafter...
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