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A connecting principle, linked to the invisible

So I'm ambling down Guadalupe (the one in San Marcos, not the one in Austin) en route to a cheap, unhealthy lunch, musing about how it's too damn expensive to eat well. I connect this in my head to Socioeconomic Darwinism, and bemoan yet another inverse correlation of Survival of the Richest with Survival of the Fittest: If net worth is an impediment to eating well, then heart disease must be (and in fact is) more prevalent among the poor, ergo it's the rich and not the bright who are probably being spared by American Fast Food Culture.

I snag an egg salad sammich and some sunflower kernels at the 7-11, and as I'm sitting down to eat my poor man's luncheon, a guy pokes his head out of a storefront and comments to me:

"Look at those punks heading over to the tanning salon. We're all working our asses off, paying four bucks a gallon, and those rich kids pull up in their SUV, park in our space, and go run off to get a tan. Idiots."

At which point I smile and sing to myself: "With one breath, with one flow, you will know, spiritus mundi..."
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