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Veni, vidi, vi-C++

Chapter 3 of my life is coming to a close, and it is long past due for a retrospective.

I ended Chapter 2 of my journey depressed and directionless, flailing about as a starving artist. Ungrounded in quotidian concerns, I engaged in scattershot creative endeavors when healthy, and lay paralyzed in bed when not. Yes, there were moments of transcendent brilliance performing improvisational theater under the limelight, but there was also a good deal of epic failure. A 15% success rate combined with a 25-50% availability rate was simply not cutting the mustard.

My next epoch began with the audacious notion that I, an artistic wretch, could reinvent myself as a rational, practical scientist, yet not lose my cherished quirkiness and creativity. So I dipped my foot in the tide-pool of technology, waded into the currents of Computer Science, and swam into the swirling sea of software engineering (could I be any more alliterative?).

And by golly, I've pulled it off, stunningly. Straight A's, academic honors, CS Lab Assistant of the Year -- the whole megilla. Now I am an artist, and a computer scientist, and technical, and creative. In short, I am an engineer, and to my astonishment, I excel at it. So lift a glass of Tab and Mountain Dew y'all, and drink to the late bloomers, Zod Bless Us Every One, for though we suffer through the fiery furnace early in life, we might just get baked into better angels in the end.

I can't wait to see what Chapter 4 brings.
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